The Arco Sessions

I am very happy to announce and be apart of a new and exciting project, (among many coming out of the Northwood’s these days), in Eau Claire Wisconsin. The Arco Sessions. The Arco Sessions was an idea from a former music student of mine and other music/video/sound engineers/artists in the Chippewa Valley.

The Arco Sessions were founded in 2013 as a means for artistic collaboration between musicians, sound engineers, videographers, photographers, writers, and designers in Eau Claire, WI. Each session features a single artists’ original music re-orchestrated and re-imagined for a rotating group of local musicians. Drawing heavily from the local music scene and students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the session musicians prepare the arrangements in advance to be recorded with the original artist(s). Each session is recorded in a single day, with the session musicians and the songwriters spending only a few short hours meeting and working together.

The goal of the Arco Sessions is to showcase and further the blossoming creative community in Eau Claire—a city of under 70,000 residents. Though already well known for its folk and jazz musicians, Eau Claire also boasts a growing symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, community choirs, wide gamut of chamber groups, and ensembles tied to and growing out of UWEC – one of the most unique music and arts schools in the Midwest. The majority of musicians featured in Arco are members of one or more of the aforementioned groups, and are working towards or have received degree(s) in Music Performance or Education.

This is a great start to something incredible! Please support their KickStarter Campaign here

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